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Consultations by phone/skype

Personal Astrogeography Consultation with Georg Stockhorst
inventor, developer and editor of`s Astrological World Map
in english language via phone, skype or in my consultation practice in Berlin

How to make an appointment for a personal consultation:
Please send an email to
Appointments can be made only after we received your payment
Hours: between 10:00 and 20:00 CET

Payment: through paypal, credit card or bank account
Please do not send payment before receiving a confirmation.

Basic Service
Costs:  60 €  Fixed Price - No Hotline

Service Scope:  20 min. personal consultation by phone or skype
                       Astrogeographical Calculation of Places and Horoscope Charts
                       MP3 Recording possible - sent to you via email
                       Maximum of 3-5 adresses or places can be interpreted in one session     Possible Questions: What is my personal relationship to a house/town or region ?
Which aspect of development will that house, town or region stimulate in my life ? Can you recommend buying property, living, working, holidays, investing money? What would the new place mean for my relationships, children? How can I improve my business at an adress? Which kind of job or work is particularlxy supported by a place? How to deal with problematic issues at a place?
Data Needed: Your birth data (date + place of birth, birth time) or the data for the foundation of a company. Adresses or the names of towns, regions or parts of a country.
Please try to explain your questions as exact as you can.

Advanced Services:
Costs: price depends on your questions
          calculation by time needed: 1h - 90 €
Possible questions: Exact mapping of real estate - you provide the maps.
Definition & explanation of the different energy fields on your property.
Recommendations for auspiscious sites for construction, planting plants and energetical treatment on your real estate.
Calculation of auspiscious dates in relation to real estate.
When should I buy the house?
When should i move in?
When should I open up my business at an adress?
Calculation of auspiscious dates for buying, moving in, renovation, laying of foundation stones, events.

All kinds of questions and astrological services including
prognosis, solar charts, relationship charts, astrological psychology, karmic astrology, calculation of auspiscious dates, astrological homeopathy, homeopathic treatment of karmic issues.