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RegistrationPlease register at our brandnew version of "Astrological Worldmap" on is an astrological online service for finding auspiscious places. It is based on the Astrological World Map by Georg Stockhorst.

New Services available: AstrogeoTravel - astrogeographical service app for finding auspiscious regions, towns, hotels for travelling and holidays. Find the best places for your indvidual faves and needs. Connect with AstrogeoTravel on twitter.

AstrogeoLove - astrogeography service app for finding the best places for living together, going out with your partner, meeting new friends and lovers, sex, marriage.
Please try out our brandnew version of "Astrological Worldmap" at !

astrogeography compares your birth chart to the astrogeographical positions of places providing answers for questions like: How auspicious is a place for me and what is it auspicious for? - Does the place where I work support my career? And if so in which way? - Which aspects of my work is a place auspicious for: income, new contacts, selling, communication.....? - How much support can I expect at a particular town or region? - Is a school auspicious for my kids and in what way? - Which hotel or holiday resort is auspicious for me? - Is the hotel, restaurant, bar on 23, Baker Street recommendable for a date for me and is it auspicious for my partner too? - How can I find the most auspicious casino in Las Vegas? - Can you recommend the town x or the region y for living or rather for holidays? - Should I buy a house of piece of land?  Check the adress of the house in to understand more about your relation to the adress! There are four radius levels for interpretation: 1 is for the region or country, 2 is for the town, 3 is for the surrounding area and 4 is for the exact location of a house - read more here: How to understand and select the radius level for your interpretation?

Register with a valid email adress and a password to try out astrogeography!  

Visit Georg Stockhorst`s astrogeographical picture book in pinterest: more than 3000 different places and their astrogeographic positions described. A new astrological universe and science which has never been documented before!!

Free  Basic Analysis

A free astrogeographical analysis provides basic astrogeographical data about your relation to places.

Free Analysis

Detailed  Premium Analysis

Premium Analyses offer you a detailed text analysis and an interpretation table  evaluating  12 different areas of life.

Premium Analysis

Auspicious places - auspicious dates. Personal consultations via skype or phone:

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