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How auspicious is a place for me and what is it auspicious for? - Is the place where I work auspicious for my career? - Which aspects of my work is a place auspicious for: income, new contacts, selling, communication.....? - How much support can I expect at a particular town or region? - Is a school auspicious for my kids and in what way? - Which hotel or holiday resort is auspicious for me? - Is the hotel, restaurant, bar on 23, Baker Street recommendable for a date for me and is it auspicious for my partner too? - How can I find the most auspicious casino in Las Vegas? - Can you recommend the town x or the region y for living or rather for holidays? - Buying real estate?

Check the adress of the house in to understand more about your relation to the adress! Please register with a valid email adress and a password!  Please try out our brandnew version of "Astrological Worldmap" at!

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A free astrogeographical analysis provides basic astrogeographical data about your relation to places.

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Premium Analyses offer you a detailed text analysis and an interpretation table  evaluating  12 different areas of life.

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